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Abdurauf Kholikov
Sanjar Mirzaliev


Machine learning is one of the hot areas of research in economics and finance. In this paper, we
critically review the literature dedicated to machine learning based applications of economics and
finance. Our review outlines applications in customer services, trading strategies, marketing
strategies, commercial platforms, and risk management. Our data selection and analysis
procedures were performed with a pool of more than 50 key articles that hold high value for
academic communities. Filtering process of review paper is based on content generalization and
key word-based analysis. Findings of this thesis suggest that artificial neural networks and support
vector machines are widely used techniques of machine learning in economics and finance. The
paper concludes the review with implications and suggestions for further research directions.

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Kholikov, A., & Mirzaliev, S. (2022). AN OVERVIEW OF COMMON APPLICATIONS OF MACHINE LEARNING IN ECONOMICS AND FINANCE. Архив научных исследований, 5(5), 270–271. извлечено от

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