Developing HEI Students’ Autonomy in Language Learning Classes through Online Education

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Abdurauf Kholikov
Sevara Ismoilova
Sanjar Mirzaliev


Online format of the learning process is considered as one of the most
convenient and effective ways of teaching and learning processes nowadays. At the
same time, trends in language teaching classes have altered from the traditional way
of teaching to the modern methods of teaching the language, namely, English,
particularly, it has been changed from teacher-centered type of classes to studentcentered classes in order to develop students’ autonomy in English classes at HEI
whereas another type of teaching and learning processes which is about online
learning, online education has been created so as to develop the quality of the
education system at an international level at HEI with the help of modern technologies
and innovative ways of teaching and learning. This report is aimed to provide with the
needed information about improving students’ autonomy in language learning classes
through online education at HEI

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Kholikov , A., Ismoilova , S., & Mirzaliev , S. (2022). Developing HEI Students’ Autonomy in Language Learning Classes through Online Education. Архив научных исследований, 5(5), 51–54. извлечено от

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