Methods of managing student corporate culture in teaching economics.

Methods of managing student corporate culture in teaching economics.


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The newly adopted Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan, "On Education", provides for the formation of a comprehensively developed, well-rounded citizen. It is necessary to ensure the coherence of the educational process, to achieve such a result to study in-depth the laws of the management process, and to study ways to raise a harmoniously developed young generation that can meet modern requirements. Total changes and updates are directly related to the development of education. In the words of our President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, "We consider that is our priority to improve the work of all links of the education system following modern requirements"1. In our country, the issue of education is addressed at the level of government. In recent years, extensive work has been done in our country to create a system of higher education; that meets international standards.

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